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For an Electrifying, Thrilling Experience You Need Prostate Stimulation AKA Male G-Spot Rubbing

Male G-Spot ...?

Where the Eff is That -- Men have a G-spot!?!?

... Blunt answer - "YES."

All men have a Male G-Spot, AKA the prostate, or more specifically the prostate and the perineum area (in women commonly known as the 'taint).

What function does the male G-spot perform?

The male G-spot is the male prostate gland, and the perineum is a dime-sized soft spot between the anus and scrotum (get it ... 'taint anus, 'taint ball sack). The crucial nerves that control the sexual organs, including those controlling erection, orgasm, and ejaculation, converge at the prostate and the perineum area.

Read on to discover the easy, straightforward step-by-step techniques for finding and milking your lover's prostate safely and effectively to trigger multiple orgasms on command.

Multiple, Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms Through Prostate Massage

What the heck does that mean? Years ago, before I discovered and refined my method for male G-spot stimulation, while making love I fantasized about my raunchy, horny desires ...

But before fulfilling that hunger, usually - I came, and that was the end of that. I lost my enthusiasm. This may surprise you, but non-ejaculatory orgasms mean that your man can cum, but NOT ejaculate, so that HIS desire and lust remains alive after experiencing an orgasm.

Users of my method report that a P-gasm (or a male G-spot stimulated orgasm) can last for 10 seconds all the way to a couple of minutes or longer. And used in conjunction with intercourse, can make him feel "HARD AS STEEL" - a Viagra like sexual superman.

Make him COME HARD with the step-by-step formula to "awaken" the P-spot - the essential ingredient to multiple male orgasms.

Got Milked? How to do a Prostate Massage AKA Penis Milking

Eyeball-grabbing, frank and humorous. I guide you through prostate massage techniques for fun consenting adults. Start your journey into forbidden eroticism.

Boost your sex-life with this sizzling hot guide to achieving multiple male orgasms:

Mind-altering colossal full-body prostate massage orgasms

Step-by-step detail - How to locate the prostate both internally and externally

95% of women have no idea on how to milk their man's penis for GIGANTIC male orgasms.*

80% of women never even heard of the male G-spot.* (never mind what to do with it if they found it!)

Most men have no clue about the joys of the prostate.

Discover how much "cum" you can expect with a "milking."
Most men and women have no idea that men are capable of "multiples"

Where and how to place your fingers for maximum effect.

*** Source RedBook Magazine.

You never knew any of this. Discussions about prostate induced orgasms just don't exist (except here) - men rarely talk about stuff like this.

The exclusive way to discover the secrets of the male G-spot is right here on the privacy of your own computer. No embarrassing packages arriving at your doorstep - just you and me talking about the hidden pleasure.

Now you can discover the secrets your Mother never told you about.

Most women have no idea about the male G-spot's function or what to do with it.

This information is way more advanced than just BJs, we all know about them, but this is about "milking" your man with extended orgasms - AKA prostate stimulated orgasms (or how I like to call them P-gasms).

Dare to Tread in Male Multiple Orgasms

Male G-spot

Answers this question for maximum pleasure - HOW DO YOU LOCATE THE PROSTATE OR MALE G-SPOT?

How to approach your partner about joining in on the activities.

We discuss Prostate milking (how to milk a penis).

Step-by-step instructions for achieving prostate massage orgasms.

Discover how to stimulate the male G-spot externally.

How to combine P-spot massage with masturbation for explosive multiple P-spot orgasms that will make him quiver, blaze and shudder!

Secrets to milking the male g-spot or p-spot.

Get past the misconceptions, objections, and taboos that often arise with anal play.

What to do when someone says, "That's off limits."

The single most critical thing you must not do while trying to massage his prostate.

Page 51 explores the secrets to a milking and a hummer.

Discover the thrill of milking a penis and orgasm denial.

If you have no idea about "milking a penis" "male g-spot" or "prostate stimulation" ... brace yourself for a treat of a lifetime.

How to trigger powerful ejaculations and shattering climaxes, even multiple orgasms!

Extend your lovemaking by eliminating premature ejaculation.

How to arouse your partner for hours, even days at a time without ejaculation.

How to avoid the dangers of prostate massage - know before you go.

You'll discover everything you need to know to give him intense, full body orgasms and prolonged sexual pleasure like never before.

"Got Milked?" Readers Report:

Kathy Prestly of New York wrote to me one day complaining about a lackluster sex-life with her husband of just five years. This is not unusual, a lot of couples go through the sexual doldrums.

I introduced her to Got Milked?" and this is what she wrote back to me:

Got to say this really works. Gave my man a BJ last night while massaging his p-spot --- holy crap talk about come! I didn't think he was going to quit. This lasted for more than an hour until he couldn't handle it anymore. P-gasms rule - Thanks a bunch for introducing this to us.

Kathy Prestly - New York

Here's another one ... this email from a happy husband:

Last night my wife seduced me, not for "regular" sex but ...mmm... she wanted to yank my pants down to play with my ass and balls.

John Goodman - Reno, NV

I love this one from Nick in the City of Angels:

My wife had me go down on all fours, she massaged my prostate 'till there was a puddle on the floor. After a while, she did me with a dildo ... (never thought I would like that), until I had what felt like an internal orgasm - never felt that before!

Nick Worster - L.A., CA

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